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Sundays at St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church of Valley Forge

As a community, we gather each Sunday morning to listen to the gospel, pray together, sing beautiful hymns, and take in the sounds of the choir, piano, and organ music. On the first Sunday of each month, we also offer communion. All are welcome to partake in this sacrament, regardless of age or church membership. After the worship service, we gather in the lobby for coffee and refreshments to reflect on the sermon or just to catch up with one another in fellowship. Please join us this Sunday for a worship service.

Fall - Winter - Spring Worship Schedule
Sundays at 8:30 AM and 10:45 AM
Sunday School 9:30 AM
Sunday after Labor Day through Sunday before Memorial Day

Summer Worship Schedule
Sundays at 9:30 AM
Memorial Day Sunday through Sunday before Labor Day
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Baptism is the sacrament of admission to the church, symbolized by the pouring or sprinkling of water on the head. Through baptism, the participant is committing to a life of following Jesus and the church community is committing to support that participant on his or her journey. Persons of any age, from infant through adult, may participate in the sacrament of baptism. Our church celebrates baptism during a worship service when requested by existing or new church members. For more information, or to schedule a baptism, please contact: admin@stmatthewsvf.org


The Lord’s Supper, also referred to as Eucharist or Holy Communion, is practiced at our church on the first Sunday of each month. Our “open communion” means that all who love Christ (regardless of age or church membership) are welcome to receive the bread and wine that represent the body and blood of Christ. In our church, communion participants take a piece of the bread in their hands and dip the bread into the chalice of wine to receive both elements together. 


Confirmation is not a sacrament in the United Methodist Church, but it is an important step in our journey as Christians. While baptized infants are considered members of our church, it isn’t until middle school that young people begin to make their lifelong faith decisions. By participating in a confirmation class, students in 8th grade or older are invited to really dig into the meaning of our faith, ask the questions they need answers to, and to reaffirm their faith. At the end of their confirmation classes, students will participate in a brief ceremony that mimics that of the baptism, promising to live as a person of faith. For more information on confirmation, please contact: admin@stmatthewsvf.org.
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