Thank you for your interest in the UMCmarket program. Since the launch of UMCmarket in 2012,
over 40,000 supporters have signed up, benefiting over 4,000 UMC ministries.

We are excited to announce the UMCmarket program, that contributes a percentage of each
online purchase you make at our participating stores to your designated ministry, and
also includes over 3,000 participating stores organized by category, name, and
user-designated favorites.

Hundreds of continually updated savings offers for you from favorite retailers.

  Click  here to watch a brief video and learn more about the features and benefits of the new UMCmarket

Visit https://www.umcmarket.org to create your new account, confirm your account settings and explore the newUMCmarket.

…and thank you for your continued support of UMC Ministries!

UM Finance



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