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Quilt of Hope

Montgomery County Correctional Facility

Prison Ministry Project Quilt of Hope

Our Western Main Line united Methodist Mission ConneXion congregations joined together to help transform a family visiting area in the women’s section of the Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF)  into a more child & family-friendly space.  A group travelled to the facility to examine the space, take measurements and make suggestions as to what might be needed.  A proposal was written and submitted to the warden, who approved our plans.

All of our congregations contributed towards purchasing the needed items for the room.   In addition, eleven of us met with 15 women inmates this spring to talk about their hopes for the future and to produce beautiful images of their hopes on cloth squares.  These squares were then used to produce a “Quilt of Hope”, to be hung on the wall in the women’s visiting area at MCCF.

On Monday night, July 21, 2014 twelve of us, representing 5 churches, travelled to Montgomery County Correctional Facility for the dedication of the woman’s visiting room.  It was a great evening, with quite a number of people there representing the county, including the warden, chaplain, staff members at MCCF, County Commissioner Shapiro, the Chief Adult Probation and Parole Officer, Carla Clanagan (In his eyes outreach ministry), and people from family services and the children and youth departments.  Several women inmates, four of whom had worked with us on the quilt of hope earlier in the year were also present.  Commissioner Shapiro and a number of others expressed their appreciation for this ministry and the women inmates shared their testimonies of how much the room meant to them and their children.  We thanked and gave a personalized note to each woman present who had provided an image of her hope for the future as part of the quilt of hope project.  We then took pictures and visited with each other before returning to our homes that evening, firm in the knowledge that our congregations had been able to provide a tangible support to the incarcerated women at MCCF and their families.  It is our hope that those who use the visiting room will be thus reminded of God’s love for them, and that the Quilt of Hope will serve as an inspiration for all to focus on their hopes for the future.


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